Q&A with Deborah Moore

We.AD member, Deborah Moore will be featured in this months show FIBERFUSION with 10 other artists and sculptors.

Q. What inspired you to become an artist?

I remember very early on drawing, drawing, drawing. I loved to lay on the floor and draw. One of the earliest pictures I have seen of me is me laying on the carpet in a living room drawing left handed, maybe I was three or four. I have found inspiration from nature, from emotional challenges, from love of life, from the way light moves across the surface of materials.

I of course have been inspired by other artists. When I was sixteen my family took a vacation to Washington D. C., it was there that I first saw a lot of art at the national gallery, specifically rooms of giant Jackson Pollock paintings, those blew my mind, I loved them. I had never seen paintings as big as a person before. Also, the Calder mobile that was installed there was amazing. Those two artists were hugely important to my artistic development.

Q. How do you manage balancing work/life?

This is a constant issue. I have to teach to make a living, and I work in spurts as my focus changes, as I develop new work sometimes I work small, just drawing, then the new ideas for sculptures come. But I have found that I have to keep making something or I get very rusty, out of shape, and that is hard to come back from. 

Q. Do you work at home or maintain a separate studio? Describe your ideal times or conditions to work?

I maintain a studio at the West End Art Depot, but I also work at home a lot. Sometimes it is just faster to get to work wherever I am instead of driving somewhere. 

Q. What is the main challenge you face when beginning a piece?

My ideas and art are constantly evolving, when I start a specific piece, sometimes there is hesitation, a fear or uncertainty of how something will or will not work. I try to think of as many angles, challenges as possible, I try to predict what will happen, but that usually does not happen, but always something else does. It is the uncertainty of a technique or of an idea that I have, will it come together or not? 

Q. Tell us a little bit about your show for the WeAD.

I am so excited about this show for WeAD. has been a year in the making. Perhaps much longer if you add in the artistic life span of each of the artists. Four of us met at Arrowmont in July 2014. I was Pat Hickman’s assistant for a fiber sculpture workshop there. Several of us immediately connected and worked very well together. We noticed that we each had very different approaches to fiber art and sculpture.

I was new to fiber sculpture and was coming to the fiber from a very different angle, from a very industrial, welded steel and clay type of background. Because of the different aesthetic approaches, we saw that created a very dynamic variety of work. 

We wanted to stay in touch and we decided to put on a show at the West End where I am a member. I am very pleased with the progress of the art throughout this year. Each artist started with the idea of including hog casings in the sculpture. So hog casings are included and each of us have interpreted and used the gut in different ways, filtered through our own sensitivities of material and form. 

Q. How do you feel about the art scene in Las Cruces?

I have been in Las Cruces for over 20 years now and I have seen the arts come and go in terms of growth, but there have been many artists and community members that have worked hard to make the arts a priority in Las Cruces. I am proud to say that I was a contributing member of the Artforms artist association here in town, as well as the city’s studio education program where I am currently teaching. I see that there is another big push right now to continue to energize the art scene here in Las Cruces.

Q. What would you add to make Las Cruces a truly great city?

Of course more funding for the arts in Las Cruces would very very helpful. I think the new plaza on the downtown mall will really help to anchor the mall as a site for great entertainment and arts. 

Q. What’s your favorite meal at your favorite local restaurant?

I do love the Mexican food choices here in Las Cruces. I have traveled far and wide and we truly have the best here in Las Cruces. I love the Tacos al Carbon at but also very much appreciate de la Vegas Pecan Grill, too.

See more of Deborah Moore’s work with FIBERFUSION

FIBERFUSION will be on exhibit through October with opening reception on October 2nd from 6-9 pm.  

Gallery hours are 4 – 8 pm Friday, noon – 4 pm on Saturday, noon – 3 pm on Sunday and by appointment.

For more information www.we-ad.org or contact Chris Bardey at (575) 312-9892 or nmartco.op@gmail.com.

FIBERFUSION a group sculpture Exhibition